About Us

16 Apr 2014

16 Apr 2014


Nisus Finance Services Co Pvt. Ltd. (NIFCO) is one of India’s leading diversified financial services companies and specializes in real estate services. It offers an integrated suite of financial services including investment banking, asset management, lending and realty development which are delivered by our expert teams to clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying or investing in real estate.

This initiative of the company rests on the backbone of extensive investment and asset management expertise backed by strong research focus. The real estate team has over 100 man years of cumulative experience and comprises some of the best professionals with mortgage finance, real estate, construction and asset management experience.

NIFCO is headquartered in Mumbai and has an office in New Delhi.


To be the most admired Alternate Asset Fund House in India and to reach US$1 billion of AUM by 2020


  • Cutting edge innovation
  • Invest wisely
  • Protect long term shareholder value
  • Maximize returns


Customer Centricity

Exceeding expectations, constant investor interface and connect, dedicated helpdesk, factual representations, extensive research and analysis backed dealing, feedback based operations and management approach.

Accountability & Responsibility

Transparent dealing , full disclosures, periodic online & offline reporting, ownership, own financial commitment in each product, equitability across investor classes, third party due diligence, and audit of investments and operations, fully independent and highly integral team for decision making.

Integrity & Transparency

Highest standard of reporting, compliance and governance Zero compromise on ethics, operating standards and processes. Full disclosures.


  • No over commitment
  • Complete disclosures of the track record of the organization, people, product and processes
  • Adapting to a dynamic environment and being honest about it
  • Unquestionable sincerity

Prudent Governance

We believe in adopting and adhering to the best standards of corporate governance to all the stakeholders. We have entered into best in class partnerships for legal, tax, accounting, audit, rating, custody, trusteeship, banking and other allied services to uphold the highest standards of management. NIFCO’s corporate governance is, therefore based on the following principles:

  • Independent verification and assured integrity of financial reporting.
  • Adequate risk management and Internal Control.
  • Protection of shareholders’ rights and priority for investor relations.
  • Timely and accurate disclosure on all matters concerning operations and performance.
  • Zero scope for any related enterprise, individual or group to influence the product or investor interest.