Fund Advisory

2 Feb 2015

2 Feb 2015



Fund Description The Fund intends to invest in real estate development entities / projects across 6 pre-identified Indian cities
Fund Structure Fund is set up under the Category -2 AIF with a trust structure
Target Fund Size INR 5 bn
Term 4 years, from final closing date, subject to two extensions of 1 year each
Investment Manager Nisus Finance Services Co Pvt. Ltd.
Minimum Investment INR 10 m from all investors to be drawn down over 18 months

Investment Strategy

Focus Cities

  • The fund intends to invest in residential projects in Pune, Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata
  • Focus on mid-market residential space– leverage rapid urbanization, rising income, young population, improving infrastructure– driving housing demand

Superior risk adjusted return

  • Structured Investments  via largely-rated & possibly-listed NCDs backed by adequate security package
  • Focus on monthly equated returns through high interest income deals
  • To focus primarily on Brown field residential projects with coupons of between 18 to 20%, payable monthly or quarterly
  • Opportunistically down sell a part of deals  in order to earn interest spread, boosting IRR over 25%


  • Target investments of average of 18 months with in-built exit strategies

Risk Mitigation

  • Fund will make Senior Secured Investments, mostly with a first charge on assets
  • Investment in partially or nearly completed, fully approved and active projects – no regulatory/ statutory risks
  • Asset Security coverage of at least 2X & Cash flow coverage on Principal amount of at least 2X
  • Not more than 20% of corpus in any 1 portfolio company & such other restrictions as prescribed
  • No Investment in any entity owned by any of the sponsors

 STRUctured Buy Back (STRUBB)

STRUBBSTRUctured real estate investment opportunities in advanced stage, grade A residential projects with assured Buy Back and fetching high return on investment (ROI) with risks mitigated.


  • Bulk investment @ deep discount from the current market price in Grade A residential projects
  • Filter Criteria
    • Developer Category A/B+
    • Strong past record
    • Major approvals obtained
    • Advanced stage of construction
    • Vendor deliverability
  • Robust due diligence (technical, legal, financial) process
  • Regular checks for monitoring construction progress , maintaining sale velocity threshold,
  • Developer to buy back the inventory at intermittent intervals within 2 years with an extension of 1 year
  • Advantages
    • Payment schedule benefits
  • Reduced upfront payment
  • Deferred payment
    • Short tenure
    • Sales assurance

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Nisus High Yield Debt Fund

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